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Hello, welcome to my page! (Yes, I have a personal page on MediaWiki. So what? Direct your complaints here)

I'm Patrycja, also known as ptrcnull. (she/her)

I'm a programmer (mostly Golang, but also JS, Python and Dart), who also sometimes reverse engineers some stuff, plays CTFs and manages Linux servers.

Currently employed by HackingDept, in free time working on Torastian and open-source projects.

Also, this wiki concept is pretty new, so it's pretty empty at the moment, will add more content soon™.


  • Miscord - bridge between (Facebook) Messenger and Discord (currently unmaintained)
  • LidlLite - more network-efficient Lidl Plus app for bad network coverage situations
  • libfb-js - TypeScript library for Facebook Messenger (deprecated)
  • VoidGenerator - lightweight Spigot/Paper 1.12+ plugin for generating empty worlds
  • digitalocean-ddns - dynamic DNS updater for DigitalOcean
  • zditm-api - Golang API server for Szczecin ZDiTM stop departures

...all the other projects are not good enough to be public lol

Public services

(probably migrating to another domain soon, because .codes is expensive as heck)

CTF writeups

Twitter threads